The strongest rebirth chapter 7

He had long since known from Ye Xun that the Great Elder was the one currently holding the reigns in the Ye household and Ye Ling was nothing but a family head in name only.

As Ye Xun witnessed this scene unfold before her, a subtle smirk played across her lips, which she rubbed out in an instant before putting on a face full of concern:. Ye Xun laid her eyes for a moment, on her tall and charming Duan Tianrao before saying: "Mr. Duan has his own concerns, as the heir to the head of the Duan household it is his duty to uphold his family's dignity above all else.

Please kindly understand, father. Tang Tang is still young, she is certain to find another suitor in the years to come. It was hard to imagine that at a time like this, Ye Xun would choose to support Duan Tianrao instead. Duan still has your best interest at heart, you can tell from all the trouble he went through, just to find this Vital Essence for your sake.

To her knowledge, she was certain that Ye Qingtang was infatuated with Duan Tianrao. There was no way she would accept the gift as an exchange to her agreement in breaking the engagement. In fact, she would more likely plead desperately for Duan Tianrao to change his mind. She could read her like an open book now.

However, in the past, she behaved as Ye Xun antic. Upon knowing Duan Tianrao's intention of calling off the engagement, not only did she rejected all the gifts from him, she also pleaded desperately, to the extent of forsaking her dignity, just to remain at Duan Tianrao's side. Without any consideration, her groveling put the Ye household to shame, including Ye Ling, who vomited blood in a fit of rage. Ye Qingtang played a smile on her lips, and while Ye Xun was indulging in her own confidence, she picked up the bottle of Vital Essence with her hand.

Duan, for your kind consideration. Duan Tianrao widened his eyes in surprise. Initially, he had a. Ye Ling was shocked as well.

He looked at his daughter with eyes full of worries, fearing that she had become deranged due to devastation.Remember Me. Lost your password? Log in Lost your password? Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

the strongest rebirth chapter 7

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Duan Tianrao finally removed the entirety of his disguise. He knew long ago from Ye Xun that the Great Elder was the one with power and that Ye Ling was only the master of the family clan only in name.

Ye Xun who was standing aside stepped forward. A slight smile appeared on her face, but she quickly disguised it with an expression full of concern. As the next family master, he needs to care for the prestige of the family. Father, I hope you will understand. Tang Tang is still young.

She will be able to find a good husband in the future. He could not believe that she would speak up for Duan Tianrao. She was very sure that Ye Qingtang loved Duan Tianrao and that she definitely would not agree to the annulment. Ye Qingtang would not accept the Hunyuan Pills. She might even beg Duan Tianrao to keep the engagement. In her previous life, Ye Qingtang was exactly the type of person Ye Xun thought she was. When she knew that Duan Tianrao wanted to annul the engagement, not only did she reject the tonics and Hunyuan Pills that Duan Tianrao gave her, but she also begged him not to abandon her, throwing away her dignity and pride.

She did not care about the prestige of Ye family and Ye Ling, and she had placed herself in an inferior position. Ye Ling even vomited blood as he was too furious. Just as Ye Xun was feeling very confident of her analysis, Ye Qingtang extended her arm and took over the Hunyuan Pills. Duan Tianrao stared at Ye Qingtang in surprise. He thought that the moment he asked to annul the engagement, Ye Qingtang definitely would be crying and begging. He did not expect that she would say such words.

Ye Ling was also dumbfounded.At the moment when the sound was heard, everyone stunned and they subconsciously looked at the source of the sound. In the foothills, a huge black shadow rushed out, and the black shadow was dark, and the figure passed over all the trees, but it did not hurt it.

Not long ago, a team of people who explored the cloud died in the source of this breath. Only one of them was alive. But when the black shadow gradually went down the mountain and fell into the eyes of everyone, everyone almost held the breath subconsciously.

The huge black shadow that almost swallowed up the whole mountain in front of you, isnt it the horrible night soul beast in the rumor?

How fierce the night soul beasts, they have heard about it, this time dare to force into the forest of evil spirits, squatting is that the night soul beast entered the sleeping day. In the darkness, it is clearly visible, and a figure in a black robe is standing behind the night beast.

the strongest rebirth chapter 7

The night soul beast is the guardian beast of the evil spirits. They are born because of the remnant of the demon god. With the rebellious body of thousands of dead souls, all the creatures that step into the forest of evil spirits are the targets of their culling. A little bit of fear breeds in the hearts of everyone, and those invisible fears turn into an invisible force that falls into the body of the night spirit beast. The night soul beast feels this familiar fear, and under the nourishment of fear, its power is constantly growing.

Ye Qingying, dressed in a black robe, stands on the back of the night soul beast. Her face is covered by a ghost mask. She is so close, she knows better than anyone else, the night beast is under constant flow.

It absorbs the fear and uneasiness from all major forces.

the strongest rebirth chapter 7

How cruel is the night soul beast? However, under the control of the black robe, they did not attack the intruders in the first place. Because the night beast is so powerful that the demon boy can't perceive it, and what is the strength of the person on his back. The demon boy exchanged a glance with the leaders of other forces.

Obviously, the black robes that suddenly appeared, attracted the attention of all. WuxiaWorld - Read thousands of wuxia novels, easy to read on the computer, phone, tablet, read anytime you want, completely free. Go To Chapter Go. View Mode Day Sepia Night. Chapter Loading Is A Technical Activity 3 Chapter is a technical activity 3 At the moment when the sound was heard, everyone stunned and they subconsciously looked at the source of the sound.Additionally, any official restarts are disregarded, unless in the original race the first lap is not completed fully.

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Rebirth of the Strongest Warrior

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the strongest rebirth chapter 7

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Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 2241

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Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 7

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