Spinet piano weight

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spinet piano weight

Special Handling Instructions A spinet is the smallest upright piano. Asked in Piano How much does a Kimball spinet piano weigh? A Kimball Spinet piano weights approximately pounds. Asked in Piano What is a small piano called? A small piano is called a spinet.

They are approx. A baby grand piano a spinet. Asked in Percussion Instruments, Piano Weight of a piano? That would depend on its size. Spinet, Console, Upright, what length of a grand - all would be different. Send me pictures of lester Betsy roos spinet piano. A spinet is a type of piano. It is rather small and the smallest type of piano.

They generally have a thin sound, no power to sound, and the action is much different from a grand or upright piano.While your piano may be an extremely valuable musical instrument, there's no doubt that it's one of the most difficult household items to move for one main reason: its size.

Pianos are typically large, heavy and cumbersome. To determine how much a piano weighs, however, we should first recognize that there are several different kinds of pianos, all with different sizes and weights.

I need to move a rack that is 9. Whats the best, legal, most cost efficient way to do this? Cost to move. How many boxes to move with 1 bedroom apartment? How many boxes to move with 3 bedroom apartment? How much does an entertainment center weigh? How much does a coffee table weigh? How much does a piano weigh?

Asked by Admin September 20, under Moving Labor. Answered by Robert Moreschi September 26, To find a piano mover, you can search online for piano movers in your area. Alternately, you can ask the retailer who you bought your piano from to recommend a company. After finding a few piano movers in your area, contact them to find out their prices and the services they provide.

Though they should ask you about what your move will entail, be sure to let them know if there are any stairs or elevators at the origin and destination. To find some movers in your area that can assist you with moving your piano, simply visit the front page of Movers.

You'll then be contacted by up to 7 moving companies that will provide you with a no-obligation estimate for your move. To read more about the moving process, visit our moving guides section where you'll find over 1, different moving guides on all kinds of topics. Rate this Question 1 2 3 4 5. Similar Questions as Above.

How Much Does a Piano Weigh? (And How To Move One)

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spinet piano weight

Updated: November 14, References. An upright piano can weigh anywhere from to pounds It also requires that you take your time and be careful not to damage the piano, other furniture, walls, and floors.

Bodily injury is also a potential problem if lifting is done improperly. But by using enough helpers and following basic safety guidelines, you can get yourself and the piano through the moving process in good shape. Duct tape is very harsh. It could leave residue or remove varnish from the keyboard. Keep looking for a better answer! Try another answer Electrical tape is gentler than many other types of tape. It won't strip any varnish off your piano. Read on for another quiz question. Try again!

Packing tape is better used to closing boxes when you're moving. This tape will likely leave a sticky residue on your piano and could cause other damage to the finish. Not quite! Gorilla tape is an even stronger version of duct tape. It will be too rough on your keyboard and could strip off varnish when it is removed. Click on another answer to find the right one They are thin and fragile. Guess again! The front legs are too delicate to support the weight of the piano.

Putting too much pressure on the keyboard could also damage the piano. Pick another answer! Place one hand underneath the keyboard. Then, grip the handle on the back of the piano with your other hand, if there is one. This evenly supports the weight of the piano and allows you to transition the piano from the floor to the dolly smoothly. You should only use a ramp when maneuvering an upright piano up the stairs.In these instruments, the frame and the strings are vertical, and the hammers move horizontally.

There are four different types of vertical piano, listed from shortest to tallest: spinet, console, studio and upright. Each type has a slightly different look and sound. A spinet piano is typically less than 40 inches tall, measured from the floor to the top of the lid. The top of the piano comes just a few inches above the keys, and the action is located below, operated by vertical wires that are attached to the backs of the keys.

Spinet pianos are a great option for those with limited space. While the spinet will certainly serve its purpose for you to learn and enjoy playing the piano, some professional musicians feel the sound quality and playability is inferior to that of larger models due to their small size and the configuration of the keys and strings.

A console piano is the next size up from the spinet, typically measuring between 40 and 44 inches tall. In this style of instrument, the action sits directly on top of the keys, with smaller hammers and the strings stretching downward.

A studio piano is between 44 and 47 inches tall and is similar to a console piano, with a slightly different feel and location of the action. A studio features a full-size action sitting directly on the keys.

In our opinion, a studio piano produces a wonderful quality and richness of sound that rivals that of a grand piano. The tallest of the vertical pianos, the upright is a beautiful instrument with a full sound quality and easy playability. Posted by. Upright pianos come in four types, Spinet, Console and Studio and Upright. They are not grand pianos. They used the term, perhaps not technically correct, to describe the large soundboard, similar to that of an upright, made possible by the use of a full iron string frame.

I must say the tone and volume is more than adequate for home use, and the use of iron rather than wood bracing results in a piano which rarely needs tuning. Mine was purchased new in from a San Diego dealer who transported several from the Salt Lake City manufacturer. My husband insists that all measurements are from floor to top of the piano. The serial number is The keys are not white. They are a medium tan color, which goes very well with the pecan wood finish I think?

Did Baldwin offer tinted keys when this piano was new or are they just aged like this for some reason? The color of the keys are all exactly uniform when compared to each other. Actually, this is what attracted me to this used piano in the first place, because the keys were unique and match the wood finish so well. Many years ago I had a friend who had an upright piano but it was a bit shorter not a spinet and was missing the bottom and top octaves.

Ever heard of this? It looked like my upright Cable, just smaller. Could it have been a salesman sample? It is driving me nuts!

What Is the Average Weight of a Spinet Piano?

Your email address will not be published.Categories under upright pianos include spinets and consoles. The keyboard is approximately five feet wide, like most pianos. But the spinet varies from other uprights not merely in size. Also the keys on a spinet piano are shorter. The top of the piano is just a few inches above the keys and the action is located below, this does save space and dimensions, but it results in a lack of control.

Spinets are space savers and usually less expensive than other uprights, but a lesser quality of sound is the tradeoff.

spinet piano weight

A spinet is not capable of producing the nuanced sound, touch and volume required by professional musicians due to their smallness and action design. The other drawback is that spinets are more difficult to maintain, thus more expensive to tune and repair.

Tuners and technicians generally avoid working on this type of piano. That being said, there were brands of spinets that found great favor over the years. The string scale was one of the better spinet scales and reasonably easy to tune as much as any spinet is. Other commercial brands included Wurlitzer spinet pianos which were modest models, reasonably priced, as were Kimball spinet pianos. These days most manufacturers have stopped producing spinets entirely.

What’s the Difference Between Types of Vertical Pianos?

Because of the popularity of the console piano, manufacturers continue to improve the design. The sound quality of the console piano is absolutely satisfactory for most home pianists. Unlike spinets, console pianos have a normal action that sits directly on top of the keys, and the hammers sit in an upright not dropped position.

Just as it should, a hammer strikes the string, which releases the key, and a spring pulls the hammer back into position. Many manufacturers build console pianos that continue to enjoy robust sales today. Walter, Kawai, and Young Chang β€” just to name a few. One could argue that most of these furniture styles are currently not in vogue. A sleek contemporary silhouette continues to be extremely popular among urban buyers of pianos today. Euro Pianos Naples is a respected distributor of European luxury musical instruments.

Apart from being a successful retailer, consultant, and entrepreneur organization, Euro Pianos is actively engaged in the artistic and community life of Naples, Florida as an organizer and supporter of musical events throughout the years. April 3, Many Kimball grand and upright pianos have wheels, but you shouldn't use these wheels to move the piano more than just a few feet. Piano wheels can scratch surfaces and are hard to maneuver over carpet.

Pianos are also extremely heavy; Kimball uprights are typically between and lbs. When moving a piano, you will need a few additional people. Lower the lid on the Kimball grand piano and lock it into place. Pull down the key lid to cover the piano keys. Wrap the surface of the Kimball piano with plastic or moving blankets to prevent it from being scuffed. Secure the plastic or moving blankets with thick moving tape.

Position two to five people on the short, curved side of the grand piano. Bend down using your knees and keep your back straight. Lift the short side of the Kimball and force the piano on its long side onto the dolly.

Have one person hold the dolly in place while the piano is being forced on top of it.

spinet piano weight

Move the piano slowly, only a few inches at a time. Be careful not to allow the piano legs to hit the wall or any object. Position one to two people on each side of the piano. Lower the Kimball upright piano flat on its back with two to three other people. Bend your knees and keep your back straight. Push the piano slowly, a few inches at a time on the dolly. If you hit a bump or snag, lift the wheels on the dolly one wheel at a time to free it.

When moving the piano up stairs or an incline, position at least two people behind the piano. Lift up the dolly wheels, one at a time, to get it up stairs. Si Kingston has been an online content contributor sincewith work appearing on websites such as MadeMan. She is a professional screenwriter and young-adult novelist and was awarded the Marion-Hood Boesworth Award for Young Fiction in By: Si Kingston Updated September 15, Share It.

Things You'll Need. Roll the heavy duty dolly parallel to the long, straight side of the piano. Center the grand piano on the dolly. Push the Kimball grand piano on the dolly endways, not sideways. Flip the upright piano on its head on the dolly, so its feet are in the air. About the Author.Spinet pianos are cheap, small, they look like other pianos and the thought is that with just a little work, they could be good enough for a beginner.

A young beginner needs a piano with a good, in-tune sound for ear training.

How to Move a Kimball Piano

A young beginner needs a piano with a good, consistent feel to develop muscle memory and hand strength. An intermediate player needs a piano with a good sound to develop musicality and dynamic control. Again, proper feel is needed to develop dynamic control and better playing techniques. A spinet piano is a very small upright piano. They have several disadvantages over console and studio upright pianos. Spinet pianos can be identified by their height.

A spinet has a different kind of action than better pianos. The spinet drop-action is a pull-type rather than a push-type and this makes them too light and imprecise for students. Spinets were always cheaply made, so as they age, they are even more likely to have tuning problems.

For these reasons, a spinet makes a poor, inadequate and discouraging starter piano. Another subtler point is that these hand-me-down pianos often send the wrong message to children. If your attitude toward the piano is that it is nothing special, your children will pick up on this.

Piano Technique - The weight of the arm - Part 1

Students need encouragement, and a good instrument will help. While nothing will replace a high-quality acoustic piano, often a better budget choice is a digital piano for the reasons stated. Digital pianos like the models we sell have good, consistent feel, they are in tune, they provide dynamic control.

They have the benefit of needing no maintenance, and they are fun and interesting for the player. This makes them a great medium term solution until you are ready to invest in a good acoustic piano as a long term solution. Reach us by phone: Email inquiries to: info pianoworks. Get In Touch We would love to hear from you.