Sm64 rom hacks

ROM of the Month. Nintendo It is intended to be clean and readable. Collection of hacking notes from those who have spent countless hours trying to understand the inner workings of the N64 and SM64 ROM.

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Super Mario Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge. Super Mario 64 DS. Super Mario Galaxy. Super Mario Galaxy 2. Level Commands.This Wiki contains a thorough list of Super Mario 64 hacks that are or have been available and info about them. All hacks are based on the "Super Mario 64 U [! Feel free to add information or hacks that are missing! It was a hot summer day in the Mushroom Kingdom, and Princess Peach was making a delicious cake.

She invited everyone in the land to her castle, including Mario. But when Mario came to the castle, Princess Peach was missing, and the castle was a complete mess! It was the work of Bowser, king of the Koopas.

Bowser told Mario about his evil plan, to use the power of the stars to turn the world into a giant cake! Now it's up to Mario to find the Princess, and travel the world in search for the power stars again, in a completely new adventure! Crashthe new Mario Bro.

Meanwhile, he learned that Bowser and his troops invaded the kingdom by stealing the powerful Red Stars. Without the glorious Mario Bros in sight, it'll be total chaos! Mario was invited to go to the castle of Peach eat cake, but Bowser has kidnapped her.

Mario tried to save her, but he fell into the Koopa Island. Now, Mario has to get the stars. List of hack projects that have been announced, but were abandoned and never got released to the public in any form no Demo or Beta released.

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sm64 rom hacks

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List of N64 Hacks

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Kaze Emanuar

If you have any of our missing hack versions, please check the threead and help us submit them through the form. You need an account to submit downloads, but the account does not need to be activated, so you don't need to wait for activation. Hack Database Issues. We have tried to fix the most popular downloads mannually. Hack Creators Unfortunately we cannot add any new hacks at the moment, and we deeply apologize for this.

Please feel free to keep submitting the hacks to us, and we'll add them as fast as we can. Our host over many years, mediafire, decided to shut down our hosting without any prior warning. Not only that, but we've had to change servers twice and setup the server for our forum even more times.

We've been working hard to re-add all hacks to the database, but as we were in the process, my computer containing the backups decided to break down and stop working for good. I'll be able to access the hard drive at the very start of next year, and our goal is to have restored the database in full before january ends. Enjoy your holidays, and we can't wait to see the wonderful hacks next year will bring. New Host Found! We are happy to announce that we've found a new host for our hacks!

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Posts: Threads: 55 Joined: May Reputation: 4. Project This is the most used emulator for playing Nintendo 64 games. Runs very steady, and supports video, sound and controls plugins.

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Version 2. If this has been better with Version 2. General problems Some errors preventing certain hacks from running can be solved this way: Open the Rom, after opening, click "Options" then "SettingsSuper Mario 64 Missing Stars. Super Mario 64 Twisted Adventures. Twisted Adventures: Intense Challenge. Super Mario 64 Shining Stars. Shining Stars 2: Mirror Madness.

Shining Stars 3: Sanctuary of the Star Comet. Thwomp's Easter Egg Hunt. Goomba's Easter Egg Hunt. Super Mario King Bob-omb's Revenge. Super Mario Cyclone Fighter. Peach's Christmas Invitation. Super Mario Warp Zone 2. Super Mario 65 The Rainbow Stars. Super Mario Treasure World. Luigi and the Violet Stars. Super Mario Openworld Quest. Super Mario and the Marvel Adventure.

Luigi and the Forest Ruins Luigi and the Forest Ruins Rebooted. SM64 Blue Star Adventure. Ztar Attack 0. Super Mario 64 1. Ztar Attack 2: A Blast to the Past. SM Year of the Plumber. Bowser's Castle Outside. Mario and the Magic Wand. Super Luigi Bowser's Serious Revenge. Super Mario: The Sky Sanctuary. Super Mario Fallen Stars. Super Mario Sky Stories. Super Mario The Galactic Journey.

Super Mario 64 Koopa Power. Super Melee Adventure Star Revenge 1: Star Takeover. Star Revenge 1. Star Revenge 2: Night of Doom.Coming up with a list of the top 15 Super Mario Rom Hacks was not an easy task. The hacks ranked are from different game consoles and different Mario games. Deciding which hack is better than the other, is not easy. I ranked games based on overall quality, uniqueness and fun factor. There are thousands of hacks out there, so my opinion might not align with yours, especially if you have dipped into rom hacks before.

sm64 rom hacks

To play any of the following games, you will need a video game system emulator and for some rom hacks, the correct IPS patcher program or original rom. I hope you enjoy this top list, please comment below if you know of any good Mario hacks that should be listed.

Making a Rom-Hack

A completely redone hack of the original Super Mario Bros. The colors and levels are inspired by Metroid.

sm64 rom hacks

This game features new levels, power-ups, enemies and bosses. Levels are fun to play through and overall very solid. Mario and Luigi: Kola Kingdom Quest is nothing out of the ordinary, just a solid fun experience. I liked the variety of levels and how unique they were, considering many of the same assets from Super Mario World can be found here. The beach and toxic factory levels are very neat.

Over 74 levels to play xD. A very unique hack where Mario goes through room levels fighting off all enemies, in order to advance to the next level. Not for everyone, but I personally loved the concept of this one.

Wow, the original Super Mario Bros 2. This is probably the best version of Super Mario Bros 2 ever created. It features amazing bit graphics and color, new level additions and bonus stages.

If you love Super Mario Bros 2, you have to give this fan creation a try. Everything in this Mario Game is Blue. Recommended if you like the core gameplay of Super Mario Bros 3, but just want to play new levels with a sweet blue Skin! Mario In Some Usual day is an amazing hack with all kinds of little tweaks, graphics changes, and mods, like the ability to hold and use multiple power-ups at the same time.

Featuring 4 newly created worlds and one secret world. The difficulty is a little harder than SMB3, but not that bad! Because of the difficulty, I can see some players not liking this one. Super Mario World has been completely redone, with new music, graphics, sounds, 71 levels and of course you can play as Yoshi. Not much great Yoshi games are out there, this is one of them. A worthy New Super Mario Bros DS hack that features 80 new levels, new graphics, soundtracks and tweaks to the gameplay.

The developer has poured years into this game, and it has shown. Must play if you like New Super Mario Bros. When it comes to level design this is one of the most solid games on the list. Nothing groundbreaking other than the fact the developer knew how to make a fun revision of Super Mario World.

One cool thing that I noticed was the different enemies in every world. Overall it just feels like the developer thought this hack through very well.

The music is amazing, new levels are awesome. The hidden stars are fun to find.

sm64 rom hacks

The newly themed environments surprised me.He is also well known for making many custom objects and hacking tools. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save. Mario and the Magic Wand. Thwomp's Easter Egg Hunt.

Play as Thwomp to find some Easter eggs in a variety of different worlds.

Super Mario 64 Hacking

However, Whomp's movement can be pretty hard to get down. Peach's Christmas Invitation. A recreation of the classic first level from Super Mario Bros. However, Kaze would later go on to make a full re-creation of SMB in Super Mario 64, that added things like new characters.

Goomba's Easter Egg Hunt. A major hack that adds a variety of different levels and powerups. It even includes some little minigames to try out! A mini hack in which you play as a Mexican version of Mario whilst scaling an obstacle filled wall. Jumping over it with Nathaniel Bandy. Mario's Little Odyssey. Super Mario 64 Racing. Portal 3. Super Mario 64 3D World. Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition. A 3D hack inspired by and borrowing elements from many Super Mario games.

Linear progression but semi-open world gameplay.