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Determining what to upgrade on a rifle can be daunting. A good aftermarket stock will not only give you a huge array of configuration options for your rifle but can also make shooting easier on your shoulder and even more fun. Many folks love buying military surplus firearms — and why not? But the SKS — like other mass-produced firearms — benefits from a little modification.

The fit and finish was great, with the added durability of a composite material. Installs with only slight modification for most people and integrates a butt recoil pad and cheek pad. The most straightforward way to modernize an SKS is with an adjustable composite stock, and the Tapco Composite Standard Stock System does the job admirably. This opens up the fitment to classic carbines with bayonet fit requirements.

To research this guide to SKS stocks we leaned on our own experience shooting and customizing own classic rifles and consulted multiple sources. We interviewed SKS enthusiasts in and local gun buyers in Oregon, Washington, and Texas; as well as representatives from the major firearm brands. We did not do any hands-on fit testing for this guide, but we did draw on our familiarity with a variety of available brands. We used online reviews as they are informed by real customer experiences and exhaustively read customer comments to identify owner concerns.

We also read the available product descriptions and manuals to define the most important features for new people looking to update their SKS. You can choose from fixed stocks, collapsible, or foldable stocks. Recoil pads and rail or scope mounts can be found on some options. Our goal with this guide is to help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

The SKS is a service rifle. People, on the other hand, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also lack support for a picatinny rail or cheek piece, butt pads, tend to nick, scratch, mar, and discolor with even careful use.

Aftermarket synthetic stocks are practically pardon the pun bulletproof. Their durability and resistance to swelling or warping is a trademark feature. Besides — which of these would you rather take to the range? These offer considerable weight savings, durability, easily customizable, and resistance to temperature or humidity.

Composites can also offer increased stability for bi-pods and other mounting platforms. Critical stock features are:. Look for stocks that avoid unnecessary extensions or padding.

A lot of folks like the SKS Dragunov Stock but we generally felt that it was a little too much for our applications. Our experts told us that lean and mean replacements are preferable due to their better overall fit, lighter weight, and better overall performance. This stock is easy to install and incredibly adjustable.

The Best SKS Rifle Stocks [Aftermarket, Synthetic & Tactical]

We really liked the straightforward design of this modelwhich helps reduce weight and prevents odd fitment issues. As we mentioned — one of the key features of an aftermarket SKS stock is minimalism.

If you need a bottom rail for your SKS, this is the best option in our opinion. We liked the adjustability quite a bit — you can dial in your length of pull within seconds. The collapsible stock means you can break down your rifle quickly for easy storage in a closet, safe, or even tight places like the trunk of your vehicle. This stock gives you options. If you need to use your SKS for a variety of purposes this stock will give you the flexibility to feel comfortable in a variety of situations.

Need to make room for one more rifle in your cabinet? Pairing an SKS with this stock will give you that additional room. If a bottom rail, ease of storage, and adjustability are critical for you — this stock is a well-priced fit. The last of our Tapco recommendations, this is a well-made, durable stock that improves the adjustability and storage potential of your rifle — but also adds in fitment for bayonet versions of the SKS platform.S uezmax.

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Code of Conduct. Contact information. LinkedIn Login. About US. Webdesign by New Media AS.This brand, while known for its compelling and well-crafted weapons, is also known for guns that can have recoil that must be dealt with appropriately in order maintain control and accuracy.

This goal is easily achieved with SKS rifle stocks. These easy-to-use, reliable, and quality items will quickly offer any smart gun owner the control of their weapon that they desire. Once you use one of these SKS Stocks and see how much extra precision you gain when aiming, you will never go back to not using one.

SKS rifle stocks have many benefits that make them stand out from the competition. They are easily adjustable and can be fitted with different guns, so if you own more than one weapon from this brand, this makes it simpler for you to switch between them.

The adjustability also makes them an excellent choice for use on shooting ranges. Another benefit of these items is that they are easy to fold. These SKS Stocks are also sturdy and reliable.

These tools utilize fiber-force technology, which is well-known among gun enthusiasts as a superior method of absorbing recoil, increasing accuracy, and protecting your weapon. Get the most out of your weapon when you order an item from our selection of SKS rifle stocks. Not only do we bring this high-quality brand to you from the convenience of your home, but we also carry these items to you at affordable prices that allow you to get your hands on the SKS Stocks that you need, right when you need them.

One of our friendly staff members would be more than happy to help you find the perfect item. Very lightweight, comfortable grip, and relatively easy to install. Installing the gas tube cover was quite tricky as the pin had to be drilled out. Be ready to do some work if your gas tube pin is difficult to remove. Otherwise, it's a great way to upgrade your weapon for the price.

This SKS tapco stock stock was cake to install. The overall fit and finish are very nice. For a drop in the stock, everything was snug, no slop in it anywhere. The only real tough part was removing my old gas tube assembly. The pin on that was tough to get out, but that had nothing to do with the stock.The SKS was manufactured at Tula Arsenal from to and at Izhevsk Arsenal in just andresulting in a total Soviet production of about 2.

In the early s, the Soviets took the SKS carbine out of front-line service and replaced it with the AK ; however, the SKS remained in second-line service for decades. It is still used as a ceremonial firearm today.

The SKS is popular on the civilian surplus market as a hunting and marksmanship semi-automatic rifle in many countries, including the United States and Canada.

Its age and numbers make it relatively inexpensive to purchase, and steel cased 7. The SKS has a conventional layout, with a wooden stock and rifle grip. It is a gas-operated rifle that has a spring-loaded bolt carrier and a gas piston operating rod that work to unlock and cycle the action via gas pressure exerting pressure against them. The bolt is locked to contain the pressure of ignition at the moment of firing by tilting downwards at its rear and being held by a lug milled into the receiver.

At the moment of firing, the bolt carrier is pushed rearwards, which causes it to lift the bolt, unlocking it, and allowing it to be carried rearwards against a spring.

sks controls

This allows the fired case to be ejected and a new round from the magazine to be carried into the chamber. As a result, it has a slightly higher muzzle velocity than those arms that replaced it. The SKS's ten-round internal box magazine can be loaded either by hand or from a stripper clip.

Cartridges stored in the magazine can be removed by pulling back on a latch located forward of the trigger guard thus opening the "floor" of the magazine and allowing the rounds to fall out. If necessary they can be reloaded multiple times and reused. While early —50 Soviet models had spring-loaded firing pins, which held the pin away from cartridge primers until struck by the action's hammer, most variants of the SKS have a free floating firing pin within the bolt.

Because of this design, care must be taken during cleaning especially after long storage packed in Cosmoline to ensure that the firing pin can freely move and does not stick in the forward position within the bolt. SKS firing pins that are stuck in the forward position have been known to cause accidental "slamfires" the rifle firing on its own, without pulling the trigger and often without being fully locked.

This behavior is less likely with the hard primer military-spec ammo for which the SKS was designed, but as with any rifle, users should properly maintain their firearms. For collectors, slamfires are more likely when the bolt still has remnants of Cosmoline embedded in it that retards firing pin movement.

As it is triangular in cross section with only one way to properly insert it notches upslamfires can also result if the firing pin is inserted in one of the other two orientations. In most variants Yugoslav models being the most notable exceptionthe barrel is chrome-lined for increased wear and heat tolerance from sustained fire and to resist corrosion from chlorate-primed corrosive ammunition, as well as to facilitate cleaning.

Chrome bore lining is common in military rifles. Although it can diminish accuracy, its effect on practical accuracy in a rifle of this type is limited. The front sight has a hooded post. This is attained by moving the elevation slide to the rear of the ladder as far as it will go. All military SKSs have a bayonet attached to the underside of the barrel, which is extended and retracted via a spring-loaded hinge. Both blade and spike bayonets were produced.

The SKS is easily field stripped and reassembled without specialized tools and the trigger group and magazine can be removed with an unfired cartridge, or with the receiver cover.

The rifle has a cleaning kit stored in a trapdoor in the buttstock, with a cleaning rod running under the barrel, in the same style as the AK The cap for the cleaning kit also serves as a cleaning rod guide, to protect the crown from being damaged during cleaning.

The body of the cleaning kit serves as the cleaning rod handle. In common with some other Soviet-era designs, it trades some accuracy for ruggedness, reliability, ease of maintenance, ease of use, and low manufacturing cost. Only a highly trained specialist, such as a snipercould employ the full-power rifle cartridge to its true potential.

Both the Soviet Union and Germany realized this and designed new firearms for smaller, intermediate-power cartridges. The U. The German approach was the production of a series of intermediate cartridges and rifles in the interwar period, eventually developing the Maschinenkarabineror machine-carbine, which later evolved into the Sturmgewehr 44which was produced in large numbers during the war, and chambered in the 7.

The Soviet Union type qualified a new intermediate round inat the same time it began to field the Mosin—Nagant M44 carbine as a general issue small arm. However, the M44, which had a side-folding bayonet and shorter overall length, still fired the full-powered round of its predecessors.

Design-wise, the SKS relies on the AVS developed by the same designer, Simonov to a point that some consider it a shortened AVS, stripped of select-fire capability and re-chambered for the 7.

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The bolt mechanism is one of the defining features of a rifle, having a different bolt means the SKS and AVS merely appear similar in layout, while differing vastly in bolt lockup, caliber, size, and that one has a fixed magazine and the other has a detachable magazine.However, there are many ways to improve on this weapon, and some of them include upgrading parts and installing accessories for better functionality.

In this article, we'll explore the wide variety of accessories that are suitable for your SKS and explain which of them are important to upgrade first. We'll also share the top recommended accessories that will make your SKS shooting experience amazing. SKS Source. For its innovative design and simplicity that were used in service for decades, the SKS does have some quirks that make it less than optimal compared to modern firearms.

The SKS, depending on the country of manufacture, and on the exact model screw or pinned barrel, etc. Its magazine can be upgraded for detachable mags, and a better sight system can be added to improve accuracy. Besides the use of stripper mags for reloading, the SKS also lacks quality sights, and the factory stock is a not.

Some owners of the SKS complain about the length of the factory stockthat is short enough to affect accuracy. The ability to adjust the length of pull is also lacking in the SKS. Adding a recoil pad for the purpose of increasing the stock length and reducing shoulder pain is a commonly recommended change. The stripper clips for the SKS only hold 10 rounds, but the newly designed magazines allow conversion of the SKS to a magazine fed rifle as opposed to top loaded.

It does require some filing and modification to the factory wood stock, but the result is a convenient and modern rifle. The SKS lacks scope mounts and a scopebut comes with sights. However, not all users are comfortable with them, and if you want to mount a scope, it is definitely an upgrade that will improve both accuracy and shooting results.

Due to the design of the SKS being superseded by modern firearms, SKS enthusiasts looking for accessories will find several options to improve their rifle. A lot of new users were happy that this magazine gave them enough firing power to work with. The magazine was quite sturdy and did not break apart when hitting hard surfaces.

One user said that he used this for a target shooting session and was able to purchase extras. If you want a magazine with a good amount of shooting power to work with, this is the one that you should get.

In fact, 20 rounds are usually the default number for many SKS magazines. This rugged and convenient molded-polymer magazine frees you from the hassle of the SKS old-fashioned stripper clips and upgrades the rifle with a modern detachable box magazine. It has been designed to work reliably, specifically for the SKS. The magazine is made from corrosion-proof, reinforced black polymer which is self-lubricating to ensure smooth, snag-free movement of the follower.

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The horizontal exterior ribbing provides an excellent gripping surface. The magazine holds 20 rounds of 7. This will be perfect for those who are looking for a magazine that will be excellent for any application that is deemed necessary. Hunting, target shooting, and competitive shooting will be your likely options.

And with 20 rounds at your disposal with each magazine, the fun never ends when you shoot your SKS until you run out of them of course. If you want the convenience of a modern detachable magazine in your SKS, consider upgrading to this round magazine from Tapco. It is well designed and robust, ensuring a smooth experience when loading and reloading your gun.

A lot of new buyers were happy with how easy the stock could be installed. By the time installation was complete, they were able to adjust it to their length of pull that was more comfortable to them. They instantly noticed a reduction in recoil as well. This stock is made from high-quality polymer that is proven to be super durable in almost any given application.

And why not? If your rifle can handle the heavy-duty applications, it definitely deserves a lightweight but heavy-duty stock that can last you a long time.Older than the AK, the SKS was originally designed out of the necessity to provide ground troops a lighter rifle, a smaller round, less recoil, higher muzzle velocity, and better accuracy for medium range engagements.

Today, the SKS enjoys a unique popularity among civilians such as hunters and collectors, and is still shouldered ceremonially by soldiers in many Eastern nations. Desert Fox Sales is proud to carry a large selection of SKS parts for those looking to refurbish, maintain, or build this classic semi-automatic military rifle.

From SKS stripper clips to cleaning kits, we have it all. Nav Menu 2. Gift Certificate.

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Purchase a gift certificate for the amount of your choosing! Screw to attach sling swivel to butt stock. A set of two sks rear sight leaf springs. These are the springs that are used for the slide of the rear sight leaf. Original Yugo AK oil bottle. Out of Stock. Original Chinese SKS recoil spring. SKS gas port cleaning tool. Reinforced with a metal insert, this tool allows for quick and easy elevation adjustments.With the establishment of further subsidiaries SKS creates an additional customer benefit.

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