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Ready to Buy? Request Trial. See it in Action. Top companies in aerospace, astronomy, automotive, biomedical research, consumer electronics, and machine vision, use OpticStudio as their tool of choice. With its comprehensive set of analysis and simulation tools, OpticStudio stands alone in its feature set. With more than field points you can set up even the most complex freeform and non-rotationally symmetric systems.

Design high-confidence virtual prototypes with the only optical design software that can model everything from imaging optics to illumination, including the effects of stray light.

Analyze your system to evaluate performance OpticStudio includes a suite of tools to analyze the performance of your system. In addition to the classic analysis functions, OpticStudio also offers Full-field Aberration analysis to improve freeform designs; contrast analysis for MTF optimization; and Image Simulation to produce photorealistic images of object scenes.

Optimize your system to meet manufacturing specifications State-of-the-art optimization tools automatically improve the performance of designs based on user-defined constraints and design goals.

This saves time by eliminating design iterations.

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Optimize for MTF up to 10x faster with Contrast Optimization - which removes multiple design and test steps inherent in older processes. Tolerance your system to ensure manufacturability Advanced tools incorporate manufacturing and assembly limits into design constraints to ensure manufacturability and production efficiency. In addition to sensitivity studies, Monte Carlo tolerance analysis can simulate the as-built performance.

Zemax Programming Language ZPL enables you to write your own macros to automate repetitive processes. Custom DLLs allow creation of any surfaces, objects, sources, and scatter functions. Customer story How ESI developed a new cost-saving design methodology for laser systems. Webinar Designing for manufacturability with OpticStudio. Expand your optical and illumination design capabilities with instructor-led training delivered in classrooms around the world.

All courses are taught by our internal team of optical engineers. Our team of optical and mechanical engineers is available to answer questions about installation, customization, applications, and more.

Contact Us. Search for:. Everything you need to design optical systems See it in Action. Five steps to design your optical system in OpticStudio:. Our customers have access to training and global support. Hands-on training Expand your optical and illumination design capabilities with instructor-led training delivered in classrooms around the world. Worldwide support Our team of optical and mechanical engineers is available to answer questions about installation, customization, applications, and more.

Interested in a product demo for you and your team? Buy now. Customer Success Implementation Support. Resources Customer stories eGuides Webinars Product videos.

Training OpticStudio Private Training. All rights reserved.Also included is a FAQ and some troubleshooting tips. This article explains how to configure a license server and client machine for use with an Opticstudio or Lensmechanix network license. If you are configuring an OpticsViewer network license server or client, see this article instead. We recommend that you insure the network key for its full replacement value, and that the keyserver machine be kept in a secure room. If the key is lost or stolen, it will not be replaced without payment of the full purchase price unless ZPA is purchased or included with your license.

Zemax network licenses make it easy to receive support renewal updates as they only have to be applied on the server machine. This also means the seats can be shared among a team without using transfer codes or trying to keep track of physical USB dongles for each user. The Red USB network key has the licensing information embedded in it. The softkey has no physical unit -- the license itself is attached to the keyserver computer through software.

Before installing the software, there are some simple concepts you must understand. The network key is installed on a machine called the keyserver. This machine hosts the license key and the software that makes the license available over your local area network LAN. The keyserver can be any Windows machine on the network. It can be installed on Windows 7 Service Pack 1, 8. Note that "Core" versions of Windows Server are not supported.

There is also no Linux support for the license server.

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The keyserver needs to be visible on the network to all the machines that will want to use network licenses via "ping". Client machines are the machines that will run Lensmechanix or OpticStudio and use the network license. The client machines must be able to ping the keyserver in order for the license on the server to be seen. We highly recommend using this port if possible, as changing it has some side effects on the server, and requires each client machine to change the port manually as well.

If you would like details on changing this port, see "What if Port is in use on my network? Tip : You cannot run multiple users of OpticStudio on the key server itself, though you may run one user on the server. The licensing is designed to assign network seats to client computers.

The frist step to configuring your network license is to properly configure the keyserver machine that willl host the license. Doing this requires three steps: installing software and activating the license, checking the Windows firewall, and configuring the keyserver settings.

The following sections describe these steps in detail. Note that in order to properly configure the keyserver, you must be logged in as an administrator on the key server machine. To install the license software and activate your license, take the following steps.

The instructions below will cover both versions of ZLM. The next step in the installation and configuration process is to check the Windows firewall. Normally the installation process opens the Windows firewall for you automatically. This section will tell you how to verify that it is configured properly. This will open your web browser to the the following page. If this page does not open, see " How to troubleshoot softkey license issues.Today we are announcing the latest LensMechanix release, With the new version of LensMechanix for Creo, users can now identify the power incident on mechanical components to validate system performance.

In addition, they can easily position the optical system within an existing mechanical assembly. When loading an OpticStudio file, LensMechanix creates the component geometry of the supported components after the conversion to non-sequential. Convert and load off-axis components: Now, with support of the Grid Sag component, users can load optical systems that have off-axis lenses such as some head up displays, mirrors with finite substrates, surfaces with decentered apertures, and more complex aspheric surfaces.

lensmechanix crack

Run multiple ray traces for all configurations with fewer clicks: Engineers now have the option of running multiple ray traces for all configurations with fewer clicks. In previous versions, users had to create a prototype for each configuration and run a ray trace for an individual configuration. Now, users can select the configurations they want to run a ray trace for and see results for the different configurations faster than before.

Surface power: Engineers can now view the power incident on any mechanical or optical component, as well as the flux and irradiance on any specific component at different resolutions. Position with references: With the new release, when loading an OpticStudio file into Creo, optomechanical engineers can load the optical system as a floating assembly, easily dragging and positioning the optical assembly within an existing mechanical model without having to manually float or fix components.

This can ensure that optomechanical designers can position the optical assembly in the correct position if they are working with an existing CAD assembly. Performance improvements were seen with assemblies of up to components. We use cookies on this website to enhance your user experience, improve the quality of our site, and to show you marketing that is more likely to be relevant to your interests.

By continuing to use this website, you consent to the placement and use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. Contact Us. Search for:. December 06, LensMechanix Search our blog Search for:. Customer Success Implementation Support. Resources Customer stories eGuides Webinars Product videos. Training OpticStudio Private Training. All rights reserved.This article describes how to activate, update, or transfer a softkey license when working on an isolated computer without internet access.

In order to activate licenses on such computers, a manual process must be followed. This article describes how to activate, update, or transfer a Zemax softkey license when working on an isolated computer without internet access. If the machine hosting your softkey license does have internet access, you should refer to one of the following articles:.

Note: Before continuing through this article, you should be certain that you have a softkey license. There are separate articles to help update your support information if you have a physical USB license. When you initially purchase an OpticStudio or Lensmechanix softkey license, you will receive an automated email from sales zemax.

The email will contain an activation cod which requires internet access. If the machine you want to activate does not have internet access, follow the instructions below. Also, Softkey licenses cannot be activated on Apple machines that use Bootcamp dual boot for Windows as they are not compatible. The first step in activating your softkey license is ensuring that you have all of the appropriate software installed on your machine.

lensmechanix crack

See the appropriate instructions for your product and license type below. Once you have the appropriate software installed, you need to apply the license to your machine using the steps below. You may periodically need to update your softkey license information. This section will describe how to apply this update on machines without access to the internet.

Before getting started, you should note:. To apply an update to your softkey license on a machine without internet access, follow the steps below. This section describes the process for transferring a softkey license from a machine that does not have internet access or to a machine that does not have internet access.

Everything you need to design optical systems

Please note before beginning:. Click Collect and Save Information. This will display a notice that the recipient information is stored in the file. ID file on until after completing the offline transfer process. Doing so may cause the transferred license to be disabled or the process to fail.

Important Note : Your softkey license is now contained in the "transferfile. Make sure not to lose this file.Zemax Opticstudio The intuitive user interface combined with a comprehensive.

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lensmechanix crack

Home Contact. Repost 0. Subscribe to newsletter To be informed of the latest articles, subscribe:. You might also like: B4 Ii Download Free. Bear Simulator Free Download. Comment on this post.The desktop version of OpticStudio is installed locally on-premise. All prerequisite software and drivers are included with the OpticStudio installer. Release Notes. Not A Customer.

Legacy Version. Installation Instructions The desktop version of OpticStudio is installed locally on-premise. If you have a hardkey license, ensure it is not plugged into any USB port. Latest license code file for OpticStudio Not needed for a normal install.


Multi-User Network License Installations. Zemax Software and Service Pack Releases Zemax software evolves over time with each new release replacing the previous version. Zemax Software Release Policy As new versions of the software are released, older ones are phased out.

Zemax provides download links to older versions and technical support for those versions for a limited time. The following policies govern technical support for and availability of Zemax software releases. After two 2 years it will be removed from the website and will no longer be provided. Zemax will not provide additional Service Pack releases once an updated version of the software is released.

Support will be provided on installation issues provided the license has a current support agreement. A license that is eligible for a software release is not automatically eligible for subsequent service pack releases. If you check for OpticStudio support updates offline, it requires downloading the license file. Resource Files. EN Release. Service Pack.