Hoi4 italy first strategy

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 5 of 5 comments. Monki View Profile View Posts. Depends on play style. Italy first ofc. More convenient for when il duce inevitably comes to his senses and attack ze reich when they are bogged down in russia.

You can disband your faction and join axis after taking Italy first if you really want Germany's help, so I always go Italy first. Originally posted by coffeelingfine :.

HOI4 Man the Guns Italy #1 Rapid expansion

Historical, You can get all the bonuses that Pact of Steel offers, without actually accepting the offer to join the Axis the offer never runs out. You get a stronger millitary and refineries out of it I have never seen Germany deny the focus requests. You do not get those from Italy first, in fact the only things which Italy first has which cannot be obtained though spending a bit of PP, is Your own faction and countries to join it, and possibly the Baleric Islands from Franco.

You don't need your own faction to go it alone and truth be told, AI alliances tend to be Liabilities, conquer Bulgaria and Puppet them if you want actual allies worth a damn as you can directly control their units. Last edited by H H Fr3ddi3 ; 14 Jan, am. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 13 Jan, pm. Posts: 5. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.Despite the Pact of Steel with Nazi GermanyItaly did not join in the war until Juneplanning to get a share of Allied territory with the defeat of France.

The Allies started to invade Italy in the summer of and Mussolini's government collapsed. Badoglio and the king escaped to Brindisi without giving any order to the army, which surrendered to the Germans without putting up a fight.

The royal government remained in control of the south, declared war on Germany, and was eventually re-established as the government of all of Italy shortly before the end of the war in the spring of Significant partisan actions took place in northern Italy.

Italy starts at war with Ethiopiawhich is something they will be focusing on for the first months of the game. The Italian technological superiority pretty much guarantees that they will win the war. The new transportation mechanics makes it less of a hassle to strengthen this theatre, and less of a hassle to move back troops afterwards. Italy has an interesting national focus tree with five different entry points.

Here you can put some stuff that relates to the political situation in-game in and following years. Italy starts with two national spirits. Here you can type some informative bits about this nation's economy in-game in and following years.

Italy has 39 divisions inbut while that looks strong, it is due to them moving to binary divisions earlier, so each of their divisions has less punching power. Put strategies and guides here to help others play this nation. Please post individual guides under its own subheader. As italy you should focus on winning the war in Africa as soon as possible. To do this you need to secure the Mediterranean so you can send supplies and troops to North Africa.

To do this I recomend waiting until the capitulation of France to avoid losing ships against their formidable Mediterranean fleet. During this time I like to build up as much radar coverage as possible in the Med.

Once France falls you, send out your entire fleet to a sea zone you have radar in this will give you an advantage in spotting while simultaneously using fighters and naval bombers to cover the area. After this, the Brits will likely attack with their capital Med fleet and likely be defeated. I like to have carriers, a few battleships, some cruisers and a few dozen destroyers.

Once the Med is secure, it should be relatively easy to use your first rate army to push back the sparse allied colonial garrisons it will be good to have smaller and mobile because once you push into central Africa the front can be very long.

I recomend investing in heavy fighters in the early game to help cover the large African and Mediterranean Sea Zones. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save.Roosevelt is assassinated by Giuseppe Zangara in With the events in America, the Allied Powers are weakened thus making the Axis Powers have the advantage to winning the war with Germany being advanced in their technology.

Bythe remains of the Allies have escaped to the Americas. Among the Invasion of the Americas, Washington, D. C is destroyed by an atomic bomb.

As the old powers of the world fell, a new order arises to reign over what they've left behind - the whole world at their feet. In both Europe and Africa, the bastions of liberty of France and Britain have fallen to the thunderous storms of Nazi Germany and their Italian allies in mere years, soon followed suit by a catastrophe in Eastern Europe, where the Soviet Union experienced an inevitable collapse.

The Axis have firmly enforced their domineering authority over these two continents, and many of what used to be their enemies are now forced to kneel before them and their policies. Out in the East, Japan has consolidated its own hold over the entirety of the Pacific and a large chunk of Asia - what remained have no chance to even make a difference.

Fortunately for their subjects, the Japanese Empire is more virtuous compared to their European counterparts, and their people enjoy more rights than anywhere else under the Germans' thumb. In America, the American superpower and any other states that had the potential of being a threat to either world power were simply annihilated; the United States have been divided into three nations, one for the Germans, one for the Japanese and a buffer state accurately named the Neutral Zone in the center.

This could also be considered for the rest of the continent as well - many previously independent nations were split, forcefully puppeted and some even annexed. Nevertheless, despite the new order's attempts at pacifying the world, people of occupied nations have staunchly rejected their authority and still carry on active resistance; though small in nature, with more support, they could easily top the short-lived new order.

I'm just a big dumb dumb so apologizes for that, my fellow supporters. We will be launching a new update soon called the Glory of America, where we will have what all of you have been requesting for the time the revival has been. In the meantime, expect 2 new focus trees and a update to the Italian focus tree. You will never be forgotten for your hard work into what will be continued into the future. We wouldn't be here without you! No articles were found matching the criteria specified. We suggest you try the article list with no filter applied, to browse all available.

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hoi4 italy first strategy

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hoi4 italy first strategy

The game starts in May,shortly after the end of a Great The mod focuses on expanding the possibilities of Hungary in the game. It includes a new focus tree, unique graphical sprites for researchable equipmentHome Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

hoi4 italy first strategy

Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Being Gneiss Rocks! View Profile View Posts. I have been messing around as Italy, and I noticed that I have only 3 options. After invading Greece and Yugoslavia at the same time I can: 1. Join Allies and invade Germany 3. Make own faction, and be uanble to expand without angering Allies or Axis Is there another strategy that I can try?

Hoi4 - Man in the High Castle mod for Hearts of Iron IV

I also notived that even if I funnell all of my civilian factories into making more civilian factories no importing to try to up the number of constructing factories I can barely get a decent number by around maybe 25 to 30with the theorists that boost construction and going after construction research.

What am I doing wrong? Also I tend to invade Yugoslavia and Greece in so that Germany invading Poland creates more World tension than my invasion does to avoid Allied represials.

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Italy (HoI4)

Most of your problems basicly come down to one thing, you go to war too late. By waiting till '39 you just cripple yourself. You give too much time to allies. You give them opportunity to train new units, build military factories, make gap in navies and airforce even bigger than it already is. Time is not on your side when playing Italy or Germany. You're able to start waging war right off the bat as a fascist.

Why not take advantage of that? More so why negate this advantage completly? It still takes time for allies to build new factories, get rid of variety of maluses they start with, get focuses done and so on and so on. Use it to your advantage. Grow from the start. If you won't then, yeah, you won't be able to keep up with their building capacity and you'll find yourself in '39 with only a couple of factories.

It's all about snowball effect.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. So, questions; Spain: Annex, Puppet, or Ally? I've had good success with fabricating claims on Nationalist Spain, setting up a naval invasion, then declaring war as soon as the civil war wraps up and I get my volunteers back.

Their forces are all down south and I can blitz half the country right off the bat, war wraps up in about a month. Question is, should I? Annexing them gives me a bunch of useful factories and resources, but are the 60ish divisions they have as an ally worth more?

Main goal here is eliminating Gibraltar in the first week of the war. Balkans: I usually conquer Yugoslavia. Question is, can I also get Greece and Hungary right off the bat, without the allies getting involved?

Saw a thing about getting claims on Yugo and Greece and declaring on both at once, but Hungary is always guaranteeing Greece. Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments. I'd say you should puppet them if you have Together For Victory on because you can get a ton of free manpower.

If you want to annex them, you have to have a lot of extra divisions to cover all of Italy's regular fronts as well as the Spanish-french border. Otherwise, just keep them as an ally. I've noticed that puppeting countries I capture doesn't let them keep all their divisions, at least as far as I can tell.

I did take some of their territory in the South, though. Could that be part of it? Viiksivallu View Profile View Posts.The focus trees for the Commonwealth nations are pretty underwhelming. There are mods available on the Steam workshop for several them that, in my opinion, are more fun to play with than the official DLC ones.

Honestly, my main reason to recommend it is the new unit models and voice overs, which help add texture and immersion to the war. I think the content designers did an overall better job on the focuses and events in this pack than they did in Together for Victory. The new options for Japan and Germany are a lot of fun, though. It's a pretty definitive 'yes', although the caveat is if you typically avoid big naval powers or generally don't play the nations that are getting the most improvements here, then you may struggle to get much out of this.

Being able to design ships, refit and all of the other little naval goodies completely revolutionises the naval game, where-as the Government-in-Exile mechanic is crucial if you like play nations that typically can get steam-rolled by larger powers. The new focus trees, while a bit complex to navigate, also bring the four targeted nations to up to the same level of flexibility nations like Japan, Germany and the Balkan nations.

Overall, this is either tied, or a very close second, in terms of value, and the only real deciding factor is how much you enjoy the naval aspects of WW2. This one is less certain than previous expansions. If you're interested in the Iberian peninsular and playing a more fleshed out Spanish Civil War either as one of the Spanish factions, or as someone like Portugal then this is a must-have. If you don't care though, the new SCW potential can still trigger without the DLC, adding another tool to the sandbox.

The new units fill interesting little niches we didn't know were there, and the Intel system is a bit more interesting now. But things like Espionage and the new 'agencies' don't pack as much punch as we might have expected.

I guess they couldn't have designed this system to be too powerful as it might upset the game for non-buyers, but as it stands it's a fun system to play around with, but it's not game-changing. Or even war-winning, although we've yet to explore that fully.

France gets some unexpected love here as well, and the free 1. A total of 35 new songs spread across three faction specific radio channels, each with their own unique look and design. The music in HOI4 is already quite good, but if you were looking to double-down on this side of things then there are worse things to spend your money on.

This is pack aimed at a very specific set of WW2 enthusiasts. If you're one of them, you probably only have this but this is basically just a cosmetic pack that adds in new skins for specific types of vehicles.

Depending on your Division composition you might not even see most of them. We'll always keep these up-to-date so you're fully informed as to what to buy.

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Italy (HoI4)

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