351 bullets

Eligible for. Jamison Brass and Ammunition has a full quality control and quality assurance laboratory in house. The lab consists of all the gauges and tests needed to meet all caliber tolerances. The tests and measurements performed on all products assure the highest quality possible. Testing and analysis of all products begin from the moment raw materials are received all the way to the finished product as it is being packaged for sale.

This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases. This Winchester Self-Loading ammunition is loaded with a 0. These bullets also hold together better because the Hot-Cor process eliminates the lead oxide layer that's found between the core and jacket of conventional "cold core" bullets. This translates into a bullet that offers deeper penetration and greater expansion that is needed for taking larger game. Note: This ammunition is loaded with smokeless powder and should only be fired in firearms suitable for smokeless loads.

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Made in USA. Cartridge: Winchester Self-Loading. Quantity: 20 Round.Pages are updated frequently check back often. The 1st and ONLY definitive work on cartridge boxes, covering all the calibers for which Winchester cataloged their rifles, from the Volcanic to the Model Thoroughly researched, this page book contains over 1, full color photographs as well as price and rarity guides in a high quality, hard-cover book with dust-jacket!

Will be happy to sign your copy on request. Full, factory ammo.

12 G. Bolo Shotgun Rounds - Too EVIL to be LEGAL?

Box shows light wear but ammo is clean. Also have run, which are essentially the same graphics, at the same price. Clean rds. A good round that didn't catch on so Winchester quickly "tossed their gun-owners in the river" and a lot of nice guns are going "un-fed" or abandoned. These are the first I've had in stock although I've had a lot of calls for it. Postwar colorful "Rustless" box. Box shows some wear, but clean ammo! While showing some shelf wear, this is a full box of the scarce and desirable High Velocity ctdgs with the 60 grain O.

Thought to be the last style labeling in this loading, it is very hard to find! Last of the "Pure" Winchester boxes, pre-Win-Western, ca. Shows some shelf wear but priced as "shooters"! OK, so this caliber is not officially obsolete--tried to find some lately?

Very hard-to-find caliber! Late production. Western Super-X. Clean, about mint!! The very difficult to find Silvertip Hollow Points. Brownell and Midway are out and Cheaper Than Dirt doesn't even list them. My feeling is that they're no longer being produced which is bad news for owners of the little Seecamp DA semi-auto which specifically calls for use of this loading in those guns.

Also, next to the universally available FMJ loading, this was the main alternative for someone looking for a personal protection round for their.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread: wsl. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

I know MAX is what people turn down to come close but that's uncommon within itself. I have heard of people cutting down. Proud to serve, U. Army Infantry. We used.


It is all dependent on what your time costs. It could be made from some rimless brass, but it will need to be larger than. I just made a few from DW brass, but you need a lathe for the head work.

Click to see what I'm doing and have available, this takes you to the VS Vendor Sponsor section of the site. Originally Posted by reed I prefer the jacketed in this caliber.

I've never tried using. You can then adjust the load power to ameliorate the ejection distance.

351 bullets

Originally Posted by richhodg Looking for Ideal molds 44 Evans Long and "Joined Dates" are deceiving if you factor-in "lurk" dates. Well, I got around the undersized bullet thing by getting a mold for it that drops them at.Winchester introduced the. Winchester autoloaders of the time could not accommodate the higher pressure and back thrust of more powerful cartridges, so the.

Naturally, this resulted in performance compromises and the.

Hawk Bullets .351 Win. S.L. (.351 dia.) 180gr. X .025 RN (50)

The rim diameter is. Cartridge overall length is 1. Jacketed bullet diameter is. Size cast bullets to. The maximum average pressure should not exceed 39, psi. Winchester offered. The muzzle velocity was stated to be fps and the muzzle energy ft. Accuracy was always regarded as fair at best from Model 07 carbines. Modern reloaders will have trouble finding. Lead bullets can be case from 2 alloy using Lyman mold These bullets weigh grains with a.

Using a grain JSP bullet, Lyman data shows a starting load of The maximum load is With a grain cast lead bullet and IMR powder, the starting load is also The maximum load for that bullet is In its day, the.

It is probably best restricted to use on animals of not more than about 50 pounds live weight, such as small predators. Visually, the. Chiefly because of the handy Winchester '07 carbine, the.

The Model 07 was discontinued in and. I can remember seeing it on Winchester's loading list when I was a teenager. Note: A longer version of this article can be found on the Rifle Cartridge Page.Go to Desktop Style. Oklahoma Shooters. Search titles only Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma.

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Winchester .351 WSL ammo

Click here for all the info. Guest Classifieds changes. Jun 5, 1. Messages: Likes Received: 0. Does anyone on here reload this, have any for sale or have recently saw it at a local gun show for sale. Any info would be much appreciated. Jun 6, 2. Messages: 21, Likes Received: Also, check out buffalo arms and old western scrounger. Jun 6, 3. Jun 11, 4. Thanx for the leads AKguy, I've looked into all of em. I'm still on the hunt, just got beat out on gunbroker for the last box of.

Jun 12, 5. Yeah, those are the two sources i could think of off the top of my head. Keep an eye out at gunshows, and of course gunbroker. If you think thats hard to find try finding 6. Jun 12, 6. Messages: 1, Likes Received: 0.This is a comprehensive list of both common and obsolete bullets manufactured by Hawk. Use the Menu button on the right to navigate to the caliber of your interest.

If you are solely interested in pistol bullets, visit our Handgun Bullet Selectionor our Muzzleloader Bullet Selection page for muzzleloader hunting. If you are interested in having a custom bullet made to your specs, we recommend that you first view comparable bullets from our master list, then visit our custom bullet page and contact us for your specific needs. To place an order, go to the ordering page. Please note: A lower case "c" appearing after the price indicates it is a custom order.

Hawk Bullets are produced in many profiles including: round nose, spitzer, round tip, and flat points. This Hawk bullet is a two diameter bullet with the lower part of the shank.

Always slug you bore when in doubt. Finally I heard of Hawk bullets. This past season, I and two hunting buddies loaded 6. Between us, we shot a total of 4 whitetails varying in weight between 80 and lbs.

Of these four deer, three including a lb. The deer hit with the. Not only did it drop in its tracks, it did not even twitch after it hit the ground.

351 bullets

In three decades that I have been hunting during which time I have killed 50 or more deer, I can only recall a couple of lung-shot deer dropping in their tracks. Hawk bullets are the projectiles I will use for all future deer hunting. He hunted extensively with it, killing the largest of bear and made long shots on plains game proving its versatility.

The Winchester is one of the few cartridges that P. Ackley would not offer in one of his improved chambering however he would rebarrel with a faster custom twist that allowed the rifle to accurately shoot heavy grain bullets.

Bullets up to grain shoot well in any factory barrel.Remember Me? Results 1 to 9 of 9.

351 bullets

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351 WSL Ammo 180 Grain RNSP Jacketed Bullets Box of 20

Can I get a bullet sizing die, like a Lee kit and push. I realize I prolly would need to get someone with a lath to open up a smaller die to or get Lee to build one. But will this work? Might or might not. The swagers usually say to bump a bullet up, rather than sizing one down. Problem is that the brass springs back, may separate from the core.

I think it was in Corbin's book that I read that. And that was with swaging dies, not sizing dies meant for cast bullets. I do have a Win I have been assembling the stuff for, but haven't got it all together yet. Henwood's book on these gun's suggests sizing cast bullets down in a couple steps. There is a fellow on this site that makes sizing dies in whatever diameter you need IIRC. Lyman did make a couple molds just for the Hensley had one too.

Pretty hard to find, I have been looking for six months or so. Simplest is probably to size a or something like that down in a couple stages. Lee precision will make a sizer die in whatever size needed for about Or just send him a PM and pick his brain. The man's tried about everything in the shooting field. Other than the Stillwell URL, everything should be current in his piece Life Member. He carries the original bullet for the I loaded up some for a friend and they shot great.

Originally Posted by CC Ryder. I am trying to get started loading for my old winchester. An aquaintence of mine has a. This is a bit off topic and I don't want to hijack a thread, but can. Originally Posted by Cannoneer. I realize this is an old thread but I am tacking this info on for good measure anyway.

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